Elysium and Guernsey Finance hit the big apple

Elysium's CEO, Joanna Duquemin Nicolle, was delighted to join a recent Guernsey Finance delegation trip to New York. 

ESG considerations are becoming ever more important In investment markets and so in amongst her various client and prospective client meetings, Jo joined with Guernsey Finance to attend the High Water Women's Investing for Impact Symposium, where the the new Guernsey Green Finance accreditation was widely welcomed. 

In addition, positive feedback on Guernsey as a domicile was received during the various individual meetings with private equity fund managers, lawyers and other advisers. 

A link to Guernsey Finance's article is here:   https://www.weareguernsey.com/news/2018/new-york-roadshow-reveals-guernsey-s-stock-is-growing/

Please let us know if you'd like to hear more about the Guernsey Green Fund and how we can help you with fund structures and green finance accreditation.

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